Wide ranges and big stocks

If you find something you are looking for isn’t available elsewhere it is probably because it is one of many products and brands that manufacture exclusively for us. In some instances, we are the sole British distributors for the brands we carry. This direct buying from manufacturers allows us to cut out a distributor or importer (and his profit) and pass the savings on to you!

We quite frequently hear of our competitors (who are naturally frustrated at our prices) telling customers that the only reason we are so cheap is that all our goods are either seconds, returns, stolen, counterfeit, second-hand etc... This is, of course, utter nonsense and simply sour grapes on their part! If it were true it would be both illegal and hardly good customer relations - something we assure you we take very seriously. All our stock is brand new in sealed cartons unless clearly stated otherwise.

Definitions are: Last Few To Clear = Stocks limited/not available in all stores. Some may be ex-display or refurbished at this price (ex-display stock and refurbished goods carry a 12 month guarantee). GRADED/Factory Repack = mail order returns or ex-service products, thoroughly tested and re-sold with a 12 month guarantee (unless otherwise stated). All prices include VAT.

(Some prices may differ in our stores in our Belfast store due to distribution costs and currency fluctuations.)