Out of guarantee repairs

If your product is no longer covered by the manufacturer or extended guarantee then do not worry! Our in house experts can still carry out repairs (subject to parts availability) on a chargeable basis.
In order to book an initial assessment, repair or service, please contact your local store. Their contact details can be found here 

The service

Originally, set up for in house servicing of our own products. We will now also carry out an assessment, repair or service for any product that you have purchased from Richer Sounds (past or present). Our policy is to offer a quick reliable repair service which is good value for money. Each job is individually assessed so we do not have target prices or quotas to comply with that may adversely affect you. Please read below for further details.

We operate within industry standard guidelines, and as a company we are well aware that no one enjoys a product failure. So it is our aim to reduce the inconvenience to you as far as possible and keep your costs as low as possible. If, however, we believe you would be best served by replacing your unit, we will say so and we have very helpful, knowledgeable and experienced staff in all of our stores who can assist you in such an instance.

While your unit is in our possession please be assured that we will take care of your unit as if it was our own. Each store has its own supplies of custom-made packaging to protect your repair while in transport and in our workshop. Our team of engineers collectively have over 100 years of experience in handling customers' units we have specialist equipment in each of our workshops to protect and support your equipment.

Initial costs & charges

Initial charge for repairs to electronic equipment:  
Two channel audio* (e.g. Amp, CD, Tuner, Turntable, Streamer, Wireless Audio, etc) £40
Speakers (Per speaker) £20
Subwoofers and soundbars £65
DVD/Blu-ray Player/Recorder £40
Home Cinema Receiver* £65
Projectors £75
TV up to & including 39" £60
TV from 40" up to 47" £75
TV from 48" up to 55" £80
TV from 56" up to 64" £90
TV 65" and above Please contact us
Items not specified above Please contact us

*Some brands (e.g. Arcam, Naim, Audiolab, etc) offer a fixed price repair service for carrying out repairs to their models, which will be reflected in the initial charge amount. For any Sonos product repairs, please contact Sonos directly on 0800 026 1526. Please ask in-store for further details.

A quote to complete your repair will then be prepared and you will be contacted to approve this.

This initial charge is non-refundable, and covers any packaging and transportation costs (to and from our service location) and also covers our engineers time spent looking at and assessing your repair. If we feel we can complete the repair by using only a small number of general components we will complete the repair within the prices shown above.

If however we have to order specialist parts to complete the repair to your unit, we will prepare an estimate for you to approve. Generally this is done by telephone but in any instance we are unable to contact you or leave you a message we may write to or email you advising you of the estimate to complete your repair. (Please remember that when replacing parts, it is possible that a unit may require multiple parts, this may not become apparent until the first parts have been fitted and your unit tested, meaning we may need to revise your initial estimate for your approval).

Click here for the Service Department’s terms & conditions.