Our 6 Year Hi-Fi, AV and Speaker Guarantees (chargeable, but fully refundable if unused).

For hi-fi, home cinema components and speakers

We offer the best value for money extended guarantee in the world. Just £9.99 on all items under £100, or 10% of purchase price on items over £100. TVs and projectors are excluded from this offer, as a wide range have our 6 year guarantee included at the point of purchase.

If you use your 6 Year Hi-Fi, AV and Speaker Guarantee, we’ll:

  • Supply you with a free loan unit, so you never have to go without your music/films. (Subject to availability).
  • Replace any machine that cannot be repaired.
  • Offer you free routine servicing and maintenance checks as often as you want.
  • Give you a 45-day cooling off period. If you change your mind within 45 days, we’ll give you a full refund of your 6 Year Hi-Fi, AV and Speaker Guarantee. No questions asked. You may also terminate the agreement at any time during the guarantee period, and get a pro-rata discount.
  • Cover the specified items for 6 years.

As well as all of this, you can claim your money back at the end of the 6 year period if unused. Simply return your unused 6 Year Hi-Fi, AV and Speaker Guarantee policy within one month of the expiration date, and we'll refund the price of your guarantee.

You obviously do not need to purchase an extended guarantee at the same time you purchase your electrical goods, and are entitled to shop around. But we don’t think you’ll get a better offer than this.

To take advantage of this phenomenal offer, simply ask!
(Not available on TVs, portables, Tablet PCs, accessories or projectors)


Click here for full T&Cs of our 6 Year Hi-Fi, AV and Speaker Guarantee



In the event of a failure of the product covered please follow these procedures:-

1. Be sure you have checked your product fully by referring to the manufacturer's instruction booklet. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure the fault cannot be corrected by yourself. Failure to operate can often be due to simple circumstances such as the product not being switched on at the mains, being unplugged or a fuse blown in the plug. Also check that batteries (where appropriate) do not need replacing.
2. Contact your nearest Richer Sounds store, who will advise you of the returns procedure. Subject to the conditions and exceptions of cover, your repair will be carried out free of charge.



Richer Sounds agrees, subject to the following conditions and exceptions, to extend the guarantee for the product(s) for the benefit of the named bearer within the duration of the 6 Year Hi-Fi, AV and Speaker Guarantee, which is valid in the UK only, the bearer will not be charged for repairs to, or replacement of, the extended guaranteed product(s) in the event of electrical or mechanical failure. Richer Sounds also agrees to provide free servicing of your product(s) at any time within the guaranteed period (ask for details).

The Company's liability is limited to the lower of the original purchase price of the product or its current value. (Current value means the cost of replacement of the product immediately prior to the time of failure with an item of similar age, specification and condition.)



1. All benefits under the agreement will cease if:
a) A fraudulent claim is made.
b) The product covered is at any time used for the purposes other than exclusively private and domestic. Commercial, professional or semi-professional use and use on commercial premises is specifically excluded.
c) A cash settlement in lieu of repairs is made, or a faulty unit is exchanged for a different model.
2. If the Company or its authorised repairer consider the product covered to be beyond economic repair, the Company may at its option replace the product or pay to the named person an agreed sum in lieu thereof. The cost of replacing a part destroyed or damaged or no longer available shall not exceed the manufacturer's last published price of the part.
3. If the Company accepts there is a claim under this agreement, but there is a disagreement in respect of the amount to be paid then the matter will be referred to an Arbitrator appointed in accordance with current statutory provisions. The Arbitrator must make an award before there is any right of action against the Company.
4. Following settlement of a total loss claim, the agreement expires.
5. Our 6 Year Hi-Fi, AV and Speaker Guarantee applies in the UK only.



This agreement does not cover
1. Failures arising from or due to:
a) Failure to comply with the manufacturers instructions for use, whether by the named or any other person.
b) The use of accessories which have not been approved by the manufacturer.
c) The application of an incorrect or abnormal electrical supply or signal lead connection, defects in external wiring or in the electrical connection not forming part of the product covered.
d) Negligent or wilful abuse or misuse of the product covered.
e) Fire, flood, lightning, theft, explosion, or other causes external to the product covered.
f) Scratching or denting or from the direct application of a tool.
g) Accidental damage.
2. Costs for which the manufacturer, supplier or any other person may be held responsible under the terms of any existing guarantee or warranty.
3. The costs of:
a) Repairs to exterior paintwork/finishes, external fuses or wires, aerials (other than those which are an internal part of the equipment), bulbs, cosmetic items i.e. knobs, loss or damage to trim etc.
b) Delivery or collection of product(s) taken to a Richer Sounds store for repair.
c) Repairs to components subject to wear and tear, e.g. styli/batteries.
d) Repairs to loudspeaker drive units when, in the opinion of the manufacturers, such damage has been caused by overdriving and/or clipping distortion.
4. Repairs carried out by anyone other than Richer Sounds or its authorised repairers.
5. Loss of use of the product covered or consequential loss of any nature.
6. Costs incurred in respect of the removal or reinstallation of equipment.
7. Loss of damage occasioned by happening through or in consequence of war, invasion, act of foreign enemy hostilities (whether war be declared or not) civil war, rebellion, revolution or civil commotion.
8. Destruction or damage to or loss of any property whatsoever or any loss or expense whatsoever resulting or arising there from or any consequential loss directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from:
a) Ionising radiation, or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel.
b) Any radioactivity, toxic or explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof.
c) Biological and chemical attack.
9. Damage caused by the equipment to tapes, discs, hard drives or any other type of software or data storage device.
10. Loss, destruction or damage directly occasioned by pressure waves caused by aircraft and other aerial devices travelling at supersonic speeds.
11. Plasma screens, LCD monitors, televisions, projectors, tablet PCs and portables.
12. Individual applications or features on SMART products, and their continued operation are not covered by our 6 Year Hi-Fi, AV and Speaker Guarantee as manufacturer's of the product or provider's of the 'apps' reserve the right to update, modify or remove support entirely.


This agreement does not affect your statutory rights.

Richer Sounds agrees on production of a valid certificate and receipt to refund the original Guarantee cost within 30 days of its termination date, provided the covered unit has not been repaired or serviced under the terms of the Guarantee agreement (stamped redeemed), and that the unit has not been returned to Richer Sounds for exchange or refund.

These terms are not valid for our 6 Year TV & Projector Guarantees.

Please note you have the right to cancel your policy at any time up to 45 days from the date of purchase.

Please also note that after the 45 day period, providing no claim has been made, you have the right to terminate your contract at any time and receive a pro-rata refund. Should you wish to cancel/terminate your policy, simply return your certificate to your local store. Our 6 Year Hi-Fi, AV and Speaker Guarantee must be claimed within 12 months of purchase of your item.